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"For more than fifteen years I’ve been working as a software engineer, mostly creating computer graphics for videogames: as a blend of creativity and technology, my job fostered not only my engineering side, but also my artistic sense by having been in constant contact with the amazing creative people I’ve been working with through the years. I originally picked up photography almost ten years ago to be able to understand their minds and their language, which is not the language of math, but that of colors and forms.

I was hooked.

Through mastering the technical aspect of photography, along with improving the artistic vision, my photographic work has been constantly growing since: I started as a commercial stock photographer, my work is represented by stock agencies such as Getty Images, Shutterstock and Alamy. It has been featured on several travel magazines, books, advertisement campaigns and used by companies such as Apple. My articles about my work appeared on magazines such as Extraordinary Vision. My Fine Art work is being exhibited at Darkroom Gallery in Minnesota and Coastal Arts League Gallery in Half Moon Bay. I'm also a contributor to Visual Wilderness.

I give great importance on constantly improving my photography technique and tools, the viewer deserves the best quality I can provide in my images and the emotions they convey are enhanced and strengthened by clarity.

My work is unfolding towards conceptual Fine Art Landscape Photography. Where landscape photographers traditionally shy away from including the human element in their work, I embrace it: most of my images show how men have a positive impact on the landscape they touch, modify, enhance, balance. The human element, being the main subject or marginal, is present in my images to remind the viewer that we are here to stay, and we can stay with beauty and grace."

Francesco Emanuele Carucci

My work has been published in various books, magazines, advertising material and online brochures several times through the world. All images are also available directly from me on fine art large prints, uniquely printed and signed by hand on the best museum quality paper available, that will last unchanged for more than 100 years. Please get in contact for further details and pricing.